We are an Integral Event Organisation and Design company for businesses and individuals.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments”.

Cesare Pavese

We provide solutions for the communication needs of businesses and individuals, through memorable events and experiences designed to have a big impact.


  • Creative and ingenious designs.
  • Tailor-made experiences through actively listening to our clients. Each event is unique, personalised and one of a kind.
  • Precise planning thanks to the analytical expertise of our team.
  • Diligent and rigorous selection of competitive and professional suppliers.
  • Incorporation of cutting-edge innovations and trends.
  • Management and coordination of suppliers and resources during set-up of the event.
  • Quality service guaranteed by our control mechanisms.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Maya Angelou


At Apiantti, thanks to our attention to detail and bespoke methodology, we provide a flexible and effective response to our client´ needs. We are proactive and adaptable, acting in record time to achieve a seamless and successful event.

We perfect each and every detail to ensure that our clients` objectives are met, looking to exceed their initial expectations and offer them an unforgettable and exciting experience.


Our story so far…

We met on our first day working as auditors at the multi-national company EY, and we´ve been close colleagues and firm friends ever since. Five years on, as managers, we decided to leave the world of numbers to create a team and give free rein to our dream. Our experience in the business and financial world plays an essential part in the creation, planning and delivery of events.

We believe that our training is part of who we are and it´s taught us to work hard, meet deadlines, manage teams, be meticulous and empathise with our clients.

We aim for excellence in everything we do, building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

We thrive on working effectively as a team to exceed the initial proposals of our clients. Our aim is to connect and understand both the needs of our clients and the environments in which they operate, to create differential added value in everything we do.

We are a multilingual team with a passion for organising events in different languages and working in diverse cultural environments.

Grateful for our past experiences and training, we embark on this new path with strength, determination and excitement.

Patricia Ramos

Co-founder of Apiantti Events
“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now”.


Napoleón Hill

“Do not let enthusiasm fade, a virtue as valuable as it is necessary; work, aspire, aim always higher”.


Rubén Darío

Cristina Sáez

Co-founder of Apiantti Events


Energy, drive and dynamism.

Coming up with a name for our company was a challenge.

We wanted to express unique feelings that reflect the energy of the drive, progress and dynamism involved in devising, creating and launching a plan; an event. And from this emerged Apiantti…

We wanted our brand design to communicate our professional and human nature. We believe that each event is a physical space where ingenious and exciting experiences emerge and unfold. We bring together and unify people with a personal or corporate aim, with our motivating, effective, friendly and human approach.

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